So after a nap in my Warbonnet Blackbird today, my girlfriend is now convinced she wants to start hammock camping, and I've already sent my PM to place an order for her hammock.

We both do a fair bit of camping in areas where going to ground will be necessary, though, so she's looking to do her own experimenting with insulation systems. Specifically, she's in love with the idea of getting one of the Big Agnes bags with a pad slot in them. Has anyone tried one of these, specifically in a hammock?

I just picked up an Exped synmat 7 DLX, and I'm completely sold on the idea of an insulation-filled inflatable mat, so the mat-bag combo seems appealing. However, the DLX is extra-wide, great for hammocking but bad for putting into the 20" wide pad slot on the big agnes bag. Any thoughts on how well this combo is going to work as far as shoulder coldness?

Also, is anyone aware of any other companies that make sleeping bags with pad slots instead of insulation on the bottom? I'd be especially interested if they have the capacity for a wider pad.

I also seem to remember seeing some quilts that can be attached directly to pads, any thoughts on those?