Finally was able to do a float trip down one of my favorite rivers in south Alabama. The Sepulga is a small river that is perfect for kayaks and canoes. I planned the trip with 3 of my cousins and the day before the trip one of them tore his ACL, so it was a no go for him!

We camped at my hunting club (borders the Sepulga) on Friday night and drove the 5 minutes to the landing at Staples bridge on Hwy 84 Saturday morning.

Unfortunately, none of us have canoes or kayaks, so we resorted to jon boats! This did allow us to pack just about anything we wanted.

The river is mainly limestone based and there are many shoals throughout the river where we got the closest taste of whitewater as you can get in LA (lower Alabama).

We did some fishing with our ultralight rods and tackle. Ended up with over 20 bream, bass, and white perch on Saturday and 12 Sunday morning.

We stayed on the water almost 11 hours Saturday and made it to our 2nd campsite just early enough to set up camp before dark. Our second camp was some family land that also borders up to the river.

I was able to use my new BIAS camper and DIY poncho liner topquilt. Both worked great! It was warm enough for bugs, so I used my girlfriend's eno bugnet, but it also got cool enough to have to pull out my AHE jarbridge UQ.
Needless to say, I got over 8 hrs both nights!

One of my trees was pretty big, so I was able to make it work as I learned on here a while back.

Sunday morning we hiked up to a waterfall on a creek on the property. I have many childhood memories at this place, playing in the water and searching for sharks teeth in the sand.

We then got back in the boats to finish up the last leg of the trip to bull slough bridge. I really wish I would have taken a picture of the bridge...It is an older wooden bridge that looks really cool.

Overall, a great trip and a good time with some family that enjoys the outdoors as much as I do. I'm definitely ready to make this trip again!