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    Lightbulb Five for $5 Simplicity patterns, Nov. 9-15, at Joann Fabrics

    For those of you looking for patterns, here's a sale alert.

    I don't know if it's the whole US or not, but my Sunday paper had a Joann's ad with Simplicity patterns on sale: "5 for $5, limit 10. No special orders. Excludes 'It's So Easy,' 'New Look,' 'Burda' and Simplicity books."

    In another thread someone mentioned making wind pants from a pajama pattern. That's a great idea! PJs aren't as complicated as day wear or outer wear, in general. The last ones I made used only 2 pieces of fabric for the entire PJ bottom, a right side and a left side. The only seams were the inseam, and front and back center, less sewing, less sealing.

    You can browse the patterns online if you don't want to sit at the pattern book tables to look at the books.

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    Cool. I finished up some digital camo PJs a month or so ago. I plan on making some rain/wind pants too.

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