So I've grown tired of pads and as most I want to try an Underquilt. I want to keep it as light as possible and need a few pointers
before I dive into this.

First of all I have decided I am going to use a single layer of 5oz. Climashield APEX to match my TQ. should be good for close to 25* temps with the right clothing. Also for size I am kinda leaning towards 44" width with dif cuts and a 48" torso length to cut down on weight. Open to suggestions on length here.

What I would like to do is only have to put an outer shell of 1.1 ripstop on the climashield and save the weight of having an inner layer that butts up against the hammock. My question is how much larger/how should I sew the outer shell to the climashield so that I do not flatten out my insulation when the UQ is hung?

thanks in advance!