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    New Video...Shugs St. Croix Saunter Part 1

    Off to the woods last Thursday for two nights of hanging. Wanted to go way up North to the Pow Wow Trail or Superior Hiking Trail but time got away from me and weapons deer hunting season was starting Saturday Nov. 8th and lots of trail and State Parks were closed.
    Not St. Croix State Park though. They offer a couple of backpack sites .... with shelter huts.... so I paid and then went and stealth camped near those sites. The hiking was easy ... even mundane but the woods were alive with critters and shotguns.
    The weather was cold, rainy, windy with snow flurries at times. Wonderful!!!!
    Lots of hammock hanging as well as some "Gear Gab" .... review the "Stickpic". Thanks Rod! Also the J. Falk "Bushwacker Compact Wood Stove".
    Talk about Pop Tarts.
    Part 2 will be available as soon as I get some edit time. Off on the road for a week to Idaho. More of the same.........
    Thanks for giving it a look.
    I apologize for the dodgy film quality.
    Watch "in high quality".

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