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Hip hip....; winter quilt set from UGQ is in the house. Since I have a hammock stand in the living room, I am at the moment tweaking and tuning suspension and checking for initial drafts. Bit rainy and snowy but contemplating a back porch hang tonight, even though it's going to be a balmy 32*. Specs:

0* UQ - 49" x 80", draft collars, 18oz of Resist down
20* TQ - 55" x 78", 17oz of Resist down
Material: Gray M50 all around (matches the Dangerbird's Gray M50 end caps nicely).

Yet more down - Black Rock hat (thanks for tip, Johnny), Black Rock mitts, GooseFeet booties (overstuffed), Marmot Quasar jacket, WM Flash pants. Weatherproof covers for mitts and booties; rain/snow shell top and bottom.

Someone hand me a lobster; I'm down and I can't get up.
Jeez.. its sounds like you raided my closet!!!

those flash pants are the bomb. Feel like your in a science fiction movie wearing them but function over fashion any day in my book.
Gotta love the downy goodness.