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    Quote Originally Posted by gastar View Post
    I tested some of my gear last night and this is was the result.
    The temperature was between 23 and 30 degrees, calm night with no wind.
    I used
    ENO Hammock
    8x10 silnylon tarp
    30 deg Monbell Bag super stretch
    20-25 JacksRbetter UQ Torso length
    Synthetic light tank top
    Synthetic T shirt
    Synthetic light Long sleeve
    Thin down vest
    Thin New Balance hat
    Thin cotton long underwear
    Thin North Face Pants
    One pair wool socks

    I was toasty and comfortable everywhere except for my feet. I did not need gloves, my face and head was warm with just the thin hat and the sleeping bag.
    I struggled with keeping my feet warm all night. I started by using my packs sit pad underneath but it slid around and would not stay in place. I tried putting an automobile sun screen under and around , that worked for a while but got cold again. Then I put a silk bag liner in the foot box of my bag and that got me to morning but was still cold. I could have put my gloves over my feat or brought another pair of socks. Iíll have to work at a solution to this for next time. Id like to keep things light but Iíll have heavier back up stuff in my truck if needed for the winter hang. .
    Maybe having the foot end of the hammock slightly lower would help with this? (as far as blood flow)
    Arrowhead is having a sale on down socks Maybe consider getting a second pair of wool socks.

    I went Camping over the weekend and the temp was bordering 30 degrees. This is what I brought:

    Primary System
    Warbonnet Mamajamba with doors
    KAQ New River Underquilt
    Block-ade Auto Shade between UQ and Hammock
    KAQ Owyhee Topquilt (long)

    Slept in the following clothing:
    Insulated Knit Hunting Cap
    Mossy Oaks Thermal Underwear
    Wool Hunting Socks
    Polyester Work Gloves w/ glove liners

    I was comfortable right up to the point the wind blew out one of my stakes and my tarp door blew open. That was about 5 am in the morning and took all of 5 minutes to resolve. Climbed back into the hammock and was out like a light. Some slight issues were a minor cold spot along my bottom and the under quilt kept sliding left and right. the cold spot was caused by the cut out for the rear-view mirror in the sun shade.

    My Winter Sock for the hammock has shipped and I picked up a second Sunshade to address the cold spot. I have some shock cord and mitten hooks coming to help with the under quilt. I'll be doing one more test hang in December to dial everything in as well as reconfiguring the doors on my tarp. Seems I hung them wrong
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