if anyone is interested we have some slight cosmetic blems of the double layer ridgerunner

one type has one saddlebag that rides 3" or so higher than the saddlebag on the other side, once you put something heavy in it, it gets weighted down to the normal level, but rides a little high when empty....these are 40$ off

another type the saddlebags both hang slightly too low when unzipped so that stuff might fall out of the pockets when the net is not being used. (sits where it should when netting is in use). to correct this we added 2 small loops and you clip them together with a micro biner to take up a couple inches of slack when using without the netting. with this mod it works perfectly, but just requires you to clip that micro biner on there when you want to use it with the netting stuffed away...these are 20$ off

to order just send me an email (warbonnetoutdoors@gmail.com)