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    Where to go for an extenxed, solo winter-season trip?

    Sometimes life can throw at you curve balls that you never, ever saw coming. Unfortunately, last week, life saw fit to throw me several of them. But that's not the point of my post. This is: I have decided that the best thing I can do for my sanity is to take a little vacation from my life, and "disappear" into the backcountry for a bit. At least a month. Maybe two. I've done many long trips, and I've done lots of solo trips, but never a long solo trip. And certainly never in the winter. So, while I usually have a hard time picking from a long list of places I'd like to go, I'm having difficulty this time around. Suggestions? Guide books and web searches are fine, but it's also nice to hear from "real" people sometimes.

    I can (theoretically) go anywhere in the continental US, but I am looking to avoid particularly cold temperatures, and extended stays in snow, so this means I'll be staying towards the southern latitudes. Other than long as I don't have to see many other people, I'm game to go anywhere.

    Secondly, while I do have real live winter-weather hammocking gear, it's pretty heavy, so I'm a little hesitant to use it on a trip where I could potentially be on the move a lot. I have a fantastic , and very lightweight two-person mountaineering tent... I don't know. Anybody ever carried their winter hammock gear on a long-distance?



    PS: Thank you for your concern, but I do not need any cautions and warnings and safety reminders; while bad things can happen to anybody, I have reached a level of experience where I am able to anticipate and prepare for any reasonably-foreseeable emergency. Thank you.
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