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    Western NY / NorthEastern PA Hike

    oops, The title should have read Western NY / NorthWestern PA Hike

    . . .but I'm not able to edit the title.

    This is short notice, but we had a bunch of people back out on a camping trip this weekend; we'd like to open up an invitation to Hammock Forum members that are interested in taking a hike with us.

    We are going to be hiking the Westside Overland Trail in Chautauqua. The plan is to start the hike tomorrow morning from the southern end of the trail (checkpoint "S"), campout tomorrow night somewhere past the lean-to (somewhere between checkpoints "N & M"...'ish) and hike out Sunday afternoon to the parking lot near Titus Road & Mt. Pleasant Rd. (checkpoint "G"). It'll be about an 8-mile hike each day.

    Here's a link to a map:

    . . .and here some info on the trail:

    The weather looks like its going to be pretty nice. We are going to meet at the parking lot near checkpoint "G" (near Titus Road & Mt. Pleasant Rd.) at 8:30 Saturday morning (tomorrow) and then shuttle down south to the starting point.

    If you are interested post a reply and send me a private message so I know you are coming.
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