I'm just so sick of people bullying me because I like hammock camping.

My son celebrated his 21st birthday today and we had a party with 15 or 20 people in the house, relatives and folks I haven't seen in years. Apparently, my wife told them all that they should talk to me about my strange hammock obsession. I can hear her now telling them, "My husband has six hammocks and six tarps - he sleeps in the woods in hammocks. He's obsessed. You should talk to him about it - he'll wear your ear out."

The whole night people were coming up to me saying, "So tell me about this hammock obsession of yours." The whole family thinks it's funny.

Another theme was, "Your wife says you hike so far that you piss blood." Okay, I did pass a kidney stone on the Appalachian Trail this year, but that didn't have much to do with my mileage. Every time I tell my wife I'm going hiking, her stock response is, "Are you gonna hike so far you piss blood?"

The wife seems to equate hiking with pissing blood, since it happened once. When I hiked 24 miles in two days a couple of weeks ago, she said, "How much blood did you piss?" Same response for 28 miles in two days.

It's a form of bullying, and it shouldn't be tolerated.