Hello all, I just got my first hammock in the mail yesterday, and set it up once (if you can call it that, it was for a literal 5 minutes). I'm quite excited and hoping I enjoy it! I purchased a HH Safari - I purchased this 'gigantic' hammock for the fact that I am 6'2 and roughly 270. But I will also be 'hammocking' with my dog - who is about 20 pounds.

Couple basic questions..

First.. Tree size. What is too small? I walked around for a good 40 minutes trying to find trees that would fit the straps that came with the hammock - all of the trees seemed to be too big, and the straps would not come back to each other. I'm in Michigan, and to be honest I didn't think these were large, but rather average trees. In all the videos on YouTube, it seems a lot of people are using smaller trees that seem to be maybe 8-12 inches in diameter. What is the rule of thumb on tree size? Is it unsafe to tie the hammock up with the straps not reaching together?

What size straps do you all use? Like I said I'm using the straps that came with the set-up, I think they are 2 x 42 - I'm thinking I should get larger since my problem with finding trees the right size. What is a good size? I mean it's not as if I'm going to be running into Redwoods!

Second.. I've seemed to gather that the additional items needed for set-up is paracord for the ridgeline for hex fly. Then tent stakes to tie out hammock and/or fly? Am I right?

The ridgeline for the fly, do you tie that at the same spot as the hammock straps?

Third.. I saw a quick set-up using carabiners and rings - has anyone had problems with this? Any other advice on a quick set-up with easy knots.

Do you seal the rainflys or seams or anything on hammocks?

Also, any suggestions on where I can buy straps as well. Reasonably priced is always best.

Sorry if this is a bit scatter brained! For some reason I keep forgetting what I'm trying to ask and how!