Greeting all. My name is Dave, but most people call me Tru. I live in central PA. I am a complete noob to hammocks. COMPLETE!!

About 3 weeks ago, my family decided to get away for the night so we packed up the minivan and went to a local campground. My wife was ok with it, but my boys (11 & 14) loved it. I slept horribly! I decided then and there that I can't do that anymore. The ground killed me and it took the rest of the weekend to recover from being on the ground all night.

I decided then and there that I wouldn't do that anymore. I couldn't do that anymore.

So, I'm looking to hang in the trees.

I've already spent hours and hours on this site and watching many of your YouTube videos. Thank-you!!

I've bookmarked (actually, evernote'd) tons of equipment sites and forums. I've made my own soda can stove and am planning on making two more with my boys this week so they can have their own.

I tend to be an all-or nothing kind of guy. So, I jumped into the lake of hammocks. I had a little "mad-money" laying around so I decided to jump in. Notice, I said "had".

I'm a big guy so I ordered ...
- a warbonnet blackbird DL 1.7
- Superfly tarp
- Top Quilt
- Bottom Quilt

I've already been impressed with the hammock community. When I contacted Brandon at WB about being a big guy and being concerned about coverage, he suggested I might have better luck with an under quilt from HammockGear since its wider. That's what I call being more concerned with the customer than selling stuff. Thanx tons!

This late Spring and summer, I'm planning on a few trips.
- This May, I plan to be at Yosemite for a week. Cabin camping with some buddies, but will probably take my hammock along.
- May/June, I plan to spend about 3 weeks along part of the AT. I'm in no rush to cover any distance. I've got bad knees, so, I'm mainly going to be get away from everything and spend time in nature. I was thinking of possibly the Northern part of Virginia and ending back in the lower half of PA. I am VERY open to suggestions.

As I said above, I "had" mad money. It is now gone...and then some!! I'll be looking to complete my set by next spring. I think the hardest item might be a lighter weight backpack for a guy with large girth around the middle.

I'm like a kid in a candy store and am waiting for my new "toys" to be delivered.