I Sleep COLD!!! This week, at 35 degrees with mountain snow, no wind, I had what I thought was adequate equipment but still had to work to keep warm.

20 * incubator uq, old thermarest 3/4 (~50*) on bottom, 20* down bag for TQ. I wore wool mid-weight top and bottoms with polartec fleece over, then down sweater over the top. I drank a lot of hot tea ( that I had to deal with at 2am), and used two hot water bottles.

Thanks to Angry sparrow, I have a peapod on the way. I am thinking of the peapod with the incubator for 8" of hot down lovin on my backside. Should keep me toasty to 20* easily. ( and no snide comments about how you could go down to -200 with this set up! :-)

Up top, I am thinking of a burrow or a sniveller to meet the top down of the pod for a total down thickness of 5-6 inches.

Will this keep me warm ( as a cold sleeper) to 10 degrees?

What TQ would you recommend.?