Hey, I want to replace my girlfriend and i's bed wih a hammock. Together we weigh about 450. I have a room that is 13 feet long and 9 feet wide. Ive seen quite a lot of time trying to get an idea of what ill need and how much it costs. But I haven't found much. I saw an idea of reddit.com/r/hammocks about using 4x4s on the walls in an upside down v, and then putting a 2x4 across the ceiling and putting eyehooks in the 4x4s. Is that safe? I haven't seen any pictures for it.

How can I hang a hammock in my room safely, without getting my security deposit taken away? Also, what do you guys think would be a safe size for the hammock? And how sk I hang it? Unfortunately money is a huge factor here, so I would like to make most of the stuff myself.

My girlfriend has terrible back and neck pain, and we both don't sleep very well night after night. I figured we could try hanging to help relieve those issues. Thoughts?