Ok, here is 15' of amsteel and next to it is an other 15' piece.
Piece 1 starts with a fixed loop that costs about 12". Then I make the adjustableloop by splicing it toward the fixed loop. The I do a back splice to seal the end. Do.t forget the bead. Max extension on this woopie sling is about 6'.

Piece 2 . I cut off 3' and splice an eye into the right side. The left side gets a burried end splice. It's about 2' long. The other 12' piece gets spliced through the undisturbed part of the part I cut off. On the right side next to the fixed loop I bury the end with a back splice. Then 12' to the left I fix the end with a fixed I splice. Max extension is about 12'.
Note of caution. Since the locking part of the splice has tension on only one end the other end needs to be locked to prevent slip. I locked it with a small safety pin. To test it I got in the hammock. No slip. I bounced in the hammock with noslip. I ears for about 30 minutes and the chacked for slippage or deformation of the pin. No slippage and the pin, which was small (less than 1") was undamaged.

Sorry I don't have pictures, but I don't know how to post them from the phone. I would make a you tube, but don't want to spend 2 hrs making a video, when most of you can do it better and faster.