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    HG Full Length 0 degree Incubator or the Underground 0 degree full length Zeppelin?

    Preparing for my first Winter season hammock camping and I have limited cash on hand. My current set up is a WBBB DL 1.7, a Mamjamba tarp with Doors, a 20 degree HG TQ, and a 3 season Yeti for my UQ. So currently I am not prepared for winter.

    After hearing the forums thoughts on how to prepare and survive for winter with a limited budget, I have decided to invest in a Full length 0 degree under quilt as my first step, and adjust my top quilt as needed with extra clothing layers if needed for this season. More clothing advice is appreciated here as well.

    Currently I am looking at Hammock Gear Full Length 0 degree Incubator and the Underground 0 degree full length Zeppelin. I would love to hear on the forums thoughts and experiences with these two UQ and their experiences with the WBBB 1.7 BB. Thanks.

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    I don't have experience with Underground quilts but I love my HG 0* by far my favorite quilt I own. Can't go wrong with Hammock Gear quilts. The hold their resale value too. Good luck in choosing.


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    I have an ugq summer uq and really like it. I use it on a wbbb 1.0dbl with no issues. If you have wider shoulders i would look at the widths of the uqs just to make sure. In the winter, due to the weight of the quilt, it could pose a problem if you are a say xl or xxl kind of person, I've experienced slip at times and woke up with a cold . elephant trunks, tarp keys and crosses

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    I have a Hammock Gear 0° Incubator and several Underground Quilts including a -20 Thermal Reactor from Underground Quilts (you won't find that one on Paul's web site

    You can't go wrong with the quality or customer service from either Adam or Paul. They are both superb. I have three quilts from each of them. All fantastic.

    The main differences are the HG leg shelf design and the suspension; HG has a primary and secondary suspension system used for positioning the quilt under you, while UQ uses a channel design where the quilt slides on the suspension for positioning. Both systems work well, but the one nice thing about the channel design is that you can reposition the quilt while snuggled in downy goodness.

    For cold weather use, I invested in the resist down from Underground Quilts. Especially in cold weather, your perspiration can condense inside the quilt and affect its loft. I think it's worth the upgrade.

    I think you are making the right choice in getting the warmer underquilt and supplementing your upper insulation with clothing. My HG 20° quilt is much warmer than its temperature rating. Make sure your head and feet stay warm, and you'll have a good night's sleep.


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    I only have barely used my 20* Zeppelin, but I got a chance to spend some time with Paul in the Black Hills. He has impeccable integrity, and insists on his personal best in everything he makes so he can assure its quality. (I interviewed him a bit about his business, and was amazed by his candor and openness).

    I ordered my quilt and it is a work of craftsmanship and art. I've only got a JRB Nest to compare it to, but it is old and not so well cared for perhaps and who knows what mods have been done to it by whom, so I can't really compare them. All I can say is if the quality of the work is the measure of the man, he's all he aspires to be and more.

    I hope some day to meet other vendors (sure wish I'd gone to Denver last week) to offer more viewpoints, but I'm pretty new to all this and still exploring. There's some amazingly wonderful people here, making some fantastic gear.

    I'm sure you'll love whatever you get, as it appears that good old American values are practiced by the cottage captains that offer their wares here. Not to take away from other countries, but it is heartening to see that small American business can thrive and individuals can still make a difference, through honest hard work and integrity.

    Somebody help me off this soapbox!
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