Not me, but a guy that I met while I was working at LL Bean in Burlington, MA. Said he just graduated, and wanted to do a big hike, was thinking about a NOBO thruhike on the AT.

When I asked him a few questions, it was apparent that he was an enthusiastic, yet totally clueless Newb. I suggested he ditch the heavy 4-season tent, and think about a hammock. Explained everything, and gave him the website.

That was six months ago.

He walked into the store yesterday, and hunted me down, and thanked me for all the suggestions (hammock and tarp, alchy or woodburner, gravity filter, etc.) He just finished the full AT NOBO in 173 days (planned on 180), even with a badly sprained ankle and a few 'zero' mile days thrown in there.

Had great pics, great stories (charged by a bear!), but wanted to thank me for the advice and encouragement, and to say that he thinks it would have been ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE for him to have finished without his Warbonnet hammock!

Just thought I would post this up here for Brandon to read. Your hammock took him end-to-end with comfort, and without fail.

~ SkyPainter