I would like to go to a group hang and check out other setups.
I would like to try out a WBBB just to see what it feels like. I have a WBRR
and I would like other hangers to know how great it is.

There in lies the problem. as much as I would like to try their hammock
and them to know what mine feels like I have a slight aversion to anyone
being in my bed. Its my personal sleeping space, my pillow,my quilt,my hammock. Am I alone with those feelings?
I know I would not ask to try someones bed but if they made the offer to me I would do it and probably
return the offer to them. However I know I would cringe a bit when they
plopped down and rolled around in my new RR.

I feel a bit better about letting someone try my DIY or my ENO, but still!
I hope its not just me. I would easily share a tarp or suspension or cooking
gear but just not my bed.