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Hey born2roam,

Very interesting video you made. I like to see hikes from different parts of the world. Nice beach trails there. I like the Vargo for small fires and cooking a brew of tea. Thanks for sharing with us. I look forward to more of your videos.
Hey Bluefin, thanks for watching and taking time to comment. The Vargo has a bit longer learning curve (imvho) then most other wood stoves but heck: no seperate parts, folding flat.. so far so good for me.

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Well that's another one for the day from you ... rightly enjoyed that. Interesting looking beasts in the bush you have there!

Funny you mentioned Khao Sok ... one of the factory owners I deal with in Thailand wants me to accompany him hiking there. Not sure about it though, some days I can barely tolerate him in the factory!

Hope you video that trip though and thanks for sharing the training hike!
One day I had to walk in between two of them horned beasts, about 4 meters apart. I just did the smart thing and took another trail. Will gladly take your place on the hike in Khao Sok, or maybe better, I take HIS place and we hike it . It is a gorgeous place.

Thanks Hawk-eye, really appreciate your time in watching and commenting and all.

Grtz Johan