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    Delaware Water Gap to Culvers Gap AT Hike (PICS)

    October 12,13,14 2012 three pals and I went on a hike of the Appalachian Trail from Delaware Water Gap to Culvers Gap in NJ. It had been a decade since my last multi day backpacking trip, although I had done a few overnighters, and plenty of car camping.

    We took off from the Dunnsfield Parking Area on the NJ side of the Gap. I believe the official AT distance between the DWG Dunnfield parking area and Culvers Gap Sunrise Moutnain parking area is just under 30 miles. We probably could have done it over 2 days but opted for an easier 3rd and exit day. Thank you to all who gave me some info from my thread here:

    Friday night was cold with a frost warning and temps to 27* per the local forecast. When we registered the car at the exit point in Stokes Forest the attendant warned us of the cold. We knew what we were getting into. We hiked about 11 miles to the Mohican Outdoor Center and decided to camp there since the Lodge was always open in case of emergency. They did not allow fires at the campsites but there was a chimney that we could start a fire that was just off the lake. It was a great spot with a ton of benches and we had a great fire before retireing at about 9pm.

    Vendor endorsement time...I used the Jarbridge River underquilt for the first time under my ENO Doublenest and also used a blue CCF pad and a synth sleeping bag rated at +20* and I was warm all night dressed in wool socks, REI Polartec Flees pants, and UnderArmour Coldgear top. I also had a fleece hooded gaiter and a 750 fill down puffy vest. The only thing that was cold at all was my nose so I pulled the gaiter on and off the schnoz as needed. I probably didn't need the puffy vest and lost it and the gaiter on the second night which was only in the high 40's at night.

    Left Mohican Saturday Morning at 9am and toold the Rattlesnake Swamp Trail to the AT and the Kittantiny Ridge. Wow what a view. Camped just beyond the trail for the Buttermilk Falls trailhead off the AT which left about 7 miles for our last day.

    Well here are some pics. The foilage was stunning, and my Cannon A480 point an shoot really does not do the area justice:

    Start of our trek at the Dunnfield Parking Area at Delaware Water Gap in NJ. My car was the only one in the lot at the time.

    These guys were everywhere on the first day..

    First Vista overlooking Delaware River


    Lower Yards Reservoir

    Raccoon Ridge/Mt Mohican

    Mohican Outdoor Center/Appalahaian Mountain Club Lodge

    ENO Doublenest with AHE Jardrige River, CCF pad and Ledge +20 bag

    The Chimney At Mohican Outdoor Center

    Cold night - 30 degrees at 8 AM

    Kittantiny Ridge at Rattlesnake Swamp Trail and AT intersection

    Catfish Fire Tower

    Break time...recharging

    Water Pump just off Blue Mountain Lakes Rd

    Saturday Night Campsite

    Top of Rattlesnake Mountain

    Culvers Lake

    Another of Culver's Lake...I tried to get the hawk in the pic...there were a ton of hawk here...migrating time?

    End of the journey at Culvers's Gap

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