I'm looking into my 1st quilt purchase and am leaning toward a 3/4 quilt over a full but am having trouble deciding on the temp rating. I mostly hang in North Georgia and GSMNP in North Carolina in my WBBB. For the majority of the summer I didn't even need any bottom insulation but would like something to carry me through the rest of the year. If I got a 20* would I be too warm much of the time? What is the upper end of the temp rating on a 20* quilt (the point of being too hot)? It's kind of a big purchase but I am willing to drop the bucks on the right quilt. I just want to make sure I get the right one! One problem is I never take a thermometer in the backcountry so I'm not even sure of the temps I tend to hit throughout the year - something I didn't have to think about as much when packing ground gear. Any GA or NC peeps here to chime in? Also, this is my first year off the ground and this will be my first winter in my hammock...I freakin' love it and am quite addicted!