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    Air Chair ala BER--the sling chair

    [o]TTeR's magnificent work on his winter recliner renewed an interest I have had for a while: a low weight hammock chair to sling between two trees facing perpendicular to the plane of the trees. The hammock chairs I have previously seen have you facing one of the two trees. I wanted to face away from that plane with hopes that I can hang two side by side under a tarp so that my wife and I have a dry comfortable spot to wait out rain or cook during our canoe trips to the BWCA.

    Searching on line I found this for $39:

    But it weighs close to 7 pounds and hangs from a single overhead point.

    A bit of hack and slash with removal of the spreaders and native suspension. 5 dogbones of STS-12-75 (similar to dynaglide for those who have not seen prior posts) that were sized according to the native suspension and two dynaglide whoopies I had on hand. The results brought the chair down to ~25oz.

    Testing by Beautiful: (sorry a bit blurred)

    The length of the dogbones seemed a little short (the native suspension was 24-25" from each corner), so I made a set of four whoopies, each ~33" at full length and used those for the four corners . The extra length has definitely improved the comfort. I should have made them a bit longer just to try some additional lengths. Perhaps that will allow a bit more reclining.

    After that, the plan is to clone the seat in 1.9oz/yd ripstop (rather than the heavy 600D double layer nylon of the original), make a second and try them side by side. My hopes are that both together will come in around 16oz, but we'll see.

    More to come as the project continues.
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