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    Your thoughts on my next purchase

    I am going to get a new hennessy backpacker (I get a deal on HH so no war bonnet)

    So far I have decided on the following
    #Side zip UL backpacker (just the hammock)
    #Cat cape rainfly
    #Super shelter
    #Over cover #1

    I own a classic UL BP now, and want the side zip.

    Mainly want your opinion on the Cat cape rainfly, how well does it work as a poncho, does it make a good pack cover (covering just the pack) and is there any reason I to or not to get the larger model for the regular length hammock
    I figure it would be nice to have the ability to use it for me or the pack or both, at night I use a pee bottle (gatoraid bottles work great for this) so I wont need to worry about rain at night

    weight is a deciding factor here for the most part, I'm no gram weeny but I do care about weight, I read that the hyperlite stretches more than the UL backpacker causing the sleepers but to sag deeper into the hammock, I'm a side sleeper and try to sleep kinda on my side in a hammock so I figure this would be a problem with the hyperlite.

    I choose the supershelter due to the lack of weight over an UQ, and I think it may pack smaller, I also can't get a deal on UQ's.

    Please give my your opinion.
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