Seem to be a few of us Cunucks introducing ourselves recently. I'm located in Ontario and bought the Hennessey Ultralight hammock last summer to try, mostly out of curiosity. My wife and our daughter spend a lot of time camping throughout the year with an increasing amount of time spent interior of out of season.

We set the hammock up beside the tent this past summer just trying it out and it turned out that both my wife and I quite enjoyed it. So we will be getting a second one for trips our daughter does not join us on.

I have already added the carabiner/descending ring combination for hanging it, which made it much easier to get the tension right. Used it this past Thanksgiving weekend, and was just too cold be morning, even though I was in a winter bag, so insulation is the next thing to tackle.

I do have a question about what people do with their dogs while hammock camping in bear country. I will scour the archives for this, but if you have an answer, feel free.

The main reason I wanted to try it out was to lighten my pack so I can attempt a weeklong hike.