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Lately, it seems like there’s an “Introduce Yourself” post from a new Canada HF Member every other day. It’s great to watch the trend gain momentum as more outdoor enthusiasts discover and adopt this camping lifestyle known as “The right way!”

I was introduced to Hammock Camping and HF in 2009 by a friend and fellow forum member Mick; I have not slept on the ground (mud, puddle, rocks, roots…) since, I can honestly say there's no chance of returning to it!. Being curious about the gaining trend (beyond your intro post), I’d like to posse these questions, how did you discover Hammock Forums and how is the overall hammock adoption going??
Hey gang,

My first hammock experience I had was back in 1989 when I was working on an oil tanker. We spent a lot of time in South America. One of my buddies on the ship made rope hammocks. It was so hot down south that I started sleeping out on deck in my hammock. Much cooler that way and awesome sleep. My hammock was stolen from my backyard several years later.
I replaced it with a cheap string hammock but it was not comfortable at all.

Several years past... I always camped in a tent (I still have three) I only go to a tent when camping with my son as he doesn't have a hammock. I started researching alcohol stoves. I found Tinny's Minibulldesigns site and hung out there for several years and bought lots of stoves. I met forum members PS and Shug over there. PS told me about hammocks and I watched a few Shug videos. Lurked here on HF for a while then joined. Been enjoying the whole hammock life since. I love to get out for solo hikes and ovenights and I video a few of my adventures. Now I spend quite a bit of time hanging out on the Forum and I always see items that can be re-purposed for ultralight hiking.

Got my Forum name from a nickname I have from my Scuba Diving. (part time instructor) All my gear is black except my blue fins.

That is how I got into hammocking.