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    Just saw a review of the Neat Sheet on BGT: here

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    Quote Originally Posted by mgabel_pi View Post
    Also, I do like your idea of something like a neat sheet, as I think about this more as I am writing. It's breathable and yet does not hold water. The standard size (57"x77") is too large (it weighs a pound, btw) but it can be cut without fraying, according to the FAQ section of the website. There are apparently 5 washer weights (corners and center) that I would guess could be removed without a problem. So, the neat sheet is where I'm heading, mentally, right now. And, just thinking, if I don't cut it down, maybe it could be both an UQ and a TQ, when folded around me and then just an UQ or at TQ when folded in half IF it's soft enough.

    Here are some handy instructions to help you make just such an item .

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