We were supposed to be at a hang this weekend at Mohican Park and pack, but we had to come back home. It's just been a rainy mess and here goes the story.

Gutter and I got there and were sat up by 4pm. At 8pm we were packing back up to leave. We laid in our hammocks with the steady rain coming down for 4 hours and at the 3 hour mark the rain just sort of started seeping into and through the tarp....every where. The tarp was a Gear Guide 12x12 and we sat up in a triangle configuration under one tarp. We've had these tarps in down pours, in lightening and thunder storms and have never experienced a problem; but we've never been in a steady rain fall for hours on end. I just got the tarps this past spring and have been thrilled.....until now. (and I have 2 of these large ones and 2 of the smaller ones )

To take this a step further, when I got home, I sat up my other large Gear Guide out back of the house to see how it would do (thinking I could head back out to Mohican later today). I was also thinking perhaps my pole mod on the other tarp stretched it out wrong and maybe that's why the leaks. This tarp isn't modded for a pole. I checked this tarp at the 4 hour mark and all was dry. Went back out at the 7 hour mark and it was wet....it also was seeping in through the entire thing...so it is in fact the tarps and not from me modding the other for a pole.

I am so disappointed

How the heck do I reseal the entire tarp? All of them will obviously need it. They are not sil, so what are my affordable options that will adhere to them?

Thanks gang