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Sportsmansguide know that the tarps that they sold last year were junk so you may be able to return them still.
I got one thin layer on, and think I'll do another coat, but it's calling for rain again, so the second layer will have to wait. These tarps work so great with my son and I hanging under one, that I'd like to get it to work. With two layers of the sil mixture on, it'll only cost me about $4 and a little bit of time. I honestly think the very light layer of PU just wore off from under it. It was very thin, and it's like you can't feel that layer anymore.

A side note to anyone else that may be reading about these Guide Gear tarps, I washed this one on a heavy cycle with baking soda, detergent, and a load of dark clothes (the more rubbing of things, I thought the better)....then ran it through the washer again with nothing, no other clothes, and no detergent of any kind. This was all in hopes of rinsing off whatever PU coating may still be around. I don't know if it made a difference with the sil mixture soaking in, but those are the steps that I took, and it appears the sil mixture soaked in quite well by using a 3" foam brush and sort of rubbing it in. I did a thin 4:1 mixture (by weight), mixing by putting in a water bottle with some pennies and shaking the heck out of it.