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    Quote Originally Posted by bberms21 View Post
    Hello all, I wanted to reach out to the experts on this matter. I live in western North Carolina where temps go well below freezing and sometimes single digits during winter nights. At least they do when im 5000 feet up. Is an UQ a must? I have been using my thermarest and a 35* bag which works for 3 seasons. I will be heading out for 5 nights in late December and am starting to second guess my set up. Have any of you done well without an UQ during low teen temps?

    Thanks Brian
    If you double up your pads and use a sleeping bag liner you will probably be fine. But by the time you carry all that bulk and weight you could probably get an underquilt. I used a 20* bag with no pad or quilt, and was COLD! With one pad in the low 40s I sweated like crazy on my back and had to leave my bag open some. With an under quilt at the same temps, I was warm all over. And felt much better!

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    I tried the CCF pad and i couldnt keep it in place then i go a hammockgear incubator and its so much better, as far as not having to adjust it all the time.

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