I know this is a hammock forum but...

I bought this new from MLD last year and carried it for 3 months on my PCT thru. I only set it up a half-dozen times and stored it by stuffing it into the provided MLD stuffsack; I avoided stuffing it the same way twice to reduce the chances of localized wear. As expected, the cuben has softened, but there are no prominent signs of wear on the tarp itself. The MLD silnylon stuffsack has a tiny hole in it, though. The guyline lengths are:

Rear ridgeline: 36 inches
Rear pullouts: 10.5 inches
Front ridgeline: 68 inches
Front pullouts: 21 inches
Middle pullouts: 16.5 inches

250 inches of unused guyline is also included.
The weight of the tarp with stuffsack is 217 grams, and I'm asking $220 shipped (It's $275 new from MLD).

I'll also throw in four 8'' Easton Nano Nail Stakes and 2 MSR groundhog stakes (all brand new) for $10 if the buyer of the tarp is interested.