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Hey Grizz,
About that finger - how did you modify it after the accident with the thread injector? Are you really Spiderman?

I had to break out the right angle hammock recently for MAHHA because a broken rib won't let me sleep lying down. I changed the suspension so the head end is vertical, and I could sleep sitting up. (Grizz would be proud of me.) Back to work on my workshop (where I broke the rib), and then I'll revisit the right-angle design. It's got potential. I look forward to seeing yours.
Any chance you can direct me to any of your posts on your right angle hammock. At this point in my life, I am unlikely to get around to making anything like this, but I would love to see or read about your adventures with it. I have sort of had this in the back of my mind ever since the early experiments Grizz, TeeDee and others did back several years ago.
PS- Hope that rib is healing up for you. I know how painful that can be.