Hello, I just registered yesterday. I have a hammock but I am not satisfied with it. I do sew commercially, and I feel that I can make almost anything in the hammock department. So here are a few questions I'd like to find out:

Why are spreader bars not used on most of the hammocks I am seeing discussed on this forum? I have always thought that spreader bars made a superior comfort level.

Why would a hammock end just be bunched up and tied in a lark's head knot?

I have loads of coated ripstop nylon, polyester fabric like top gun and odyssey III, sunbrella etc. Are these fabrics not used due to breathability?

I totally get underquilts and I can see modifying sleeping bags accordingly or making a down version. Snake skins are not unlike spinnaker socks, which I have made and repaired.

Are most of these designs for ultralight backpacking?

I did order the ultimate hammock book so maybe I can answer some of these questions when I read it.

Thanks from a newbie John S