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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwrider View Post
    I had a look at the down pants online and found most are used as outer layers which are heavy and bulky, they have a thicker shell than sleeping bags, to hold up to the use as outer wear, making them weigh far more than a standard sleeping beg which defeats the purpose, monte bell makes a pair but they are base layers and I'm not sure they would be as warm as the foot box of a TQ or sleeping bag
    I'm am also looking at a down jack and down pants combo along with the escape bivy (the breathable one) or just a light sheet of some kind. The foot box thing is also a concern. but wool sock may fix it.Also REI sells some Duck down camp booties for $40, no weight listed. Let us know what you do I'm curious if it will work out. The easy in and out and staying warm for a midnight run to the nearest bush would make this a nice upgrade.
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