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    Big thanks to everyone involved! We had a blast.

    I was a little apprehensive about attending my first MAHAA, not knowing a single person, but we were quickly made to feel right at home. What a kind, generous group of people.

    Loved putting faces to avatars and meeting others I hadn't run across here yet. Still can't get over some of the set ups people had.

    Can't wait to do it again.

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    Another fantastic MAHHA thanks to a large cast of characters both behind the scenes and not. Thanks to all the raffle donators (a personal "Thank you" to the folks who donated the prizes I won - the Jacks (UQ undercover) and whoever donated the Amsteel Blue).

    It was great to see old friends and meet new ones. The kids were cute and not cranky. The dogs were friendly. The "House Tour" was entertaining and informative. The food was abundant and tasty. The weather was glorious. The raffle was extensive. The camaraderie was great. Ohhh... I just looked up the definition of "MAHHA" and see I have it down accurately.

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    I would like to thank everyone for welcoming me and my boys to our first hang. We had a great time and got a chance to see all the possibilities for upgrading our setups. Thanks to the Jacks for the ball cap, my first hammock related apparal. And a special thanks to Jeremy for helping our my wandering Jordan.
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    Great meeting so many of the Northern Tier!!!

    First of all thanks to Cranky Bear and Happy Camper for the wonderful directions that got us in the hammocks by 1 in the morning.
    Connected so many faces/voices to posters at HF; but so many attendees impossible to meet everyone=so looking forward to hanging in the north again
    Genius: Who cannot be amazed at the mind of WV and Pappa Smurf (PS, thanks for letting us take that Darien Light burden off your hands).
    A few old faces/hangers I've known for centuries=Pan,Kangaru...speaking of, the generosity of the vendors DUTCH, JRB always amazing.
    Parade of homes winner=Dan, for his tenacity in DIY, I NEED his underquilt!
    What food!! Whoever was behind the pumpkin fudge you are a wonderful devil HA! It was sumptious!
    Let downs? I didn't get to try out Lazy River's WB RR
    New trail name=TwoTarp (formerly Greg, and thanks for running the grill!)
    Of course thanks to Dutch for keeping me from starving first morning.
    Warnings: Gathland is Black Widow Spider heaven! Found one crawling up my arm the last morning.....hang your boots and inspect inside as HC told us.
    Folks we are blessed to have a family like this where everyone shares.
    I did grab some shots, mostly on the 'parade of homes', 2 minutes worth:

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    Lol, nice picture, Paul. I have to say this was my tribute to Dave's avatar picture.
    When he introduced himself for the first time to our group he says, "Hi, I'm Tru." And a few said hi. But then he threw his hands up to his face with a big smile and everyone immediately laughed loudly and clapped and said, "I know you!"

    Quote Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
    Wow... what a turn out! Waiting for more pictures.
    How did the meteor shower turn out?
    We saw meteors from MAHHA! At 3 am Sunday morning, Oh-No, BearChaser, Merry-Mary, Ferret, and myself night hiked a half mile down to the parking lot and put out mats, chairs, blankets, and sat for the show. FireFly and Biner soon joined us. Not tons of meteors, but enough to make it interesting and a few REAL streaks across the sky to make everyone oooohhhh and aaaahhh. We watched until about 5 am.
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    Thanx for the shout out @HappyCamper! I had a wonderful time and my noobie mind was blown away with all the hammocks and customizations that were displayed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRU View Post
    I had a wonderful time and my noobie mind was blown away with all the hammocks and customizations that were displayed.
    I have to say the same thing. The expertise displayed at MAHHA "elevated" to a whole new level this year. This forum sure is doing its job. People are taking ideas and tweaking and improving. I've never seen so many people with hammocks and tarps with so many configurations and ingenious ideas. Thanks to everyone for sharing! The house tour was a highlight for me!
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    I had such a great time. We had a memorable hike in. I met new faces and was glad to see so many others I always hope show up. My dog ben and I won't forget the week! What a family we have. I got back home and someone ( I no not who did it ) has paid for a donating membership for me! Thanks for that random act!
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    I had a most wonderful time, as usual! Thank you to Happy Camper for making it all come together, Pan for raffle duty and donations, Everyone who donated, cooked, cleaned up, recycled, shared, helped others, etc. Guess that's just about everyone. What a great bunch of people!

    till next time,


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    Quote Originally Posted by HappyCamper View Post
    Hey everyone, Fall MAHHA was great! Big news is we had 80-plus attending the hang. So big in fact we have officially outgrown Gathland State Park. (Very similar to when we outgrew the Wise shelter for the Mt. Rogers Winter Hang. No big shakes! It happens! ) We will be starting a different thread to discuss locations for future Fall MAHHAs so I would very much like this thread to comment about what went on with this event.

    I listed everyone who signed the attendance sheet at the potluck but I know I am missing people who came and went before the dinner. Please private message me if you are not on the list and I will add you to this original list here to keep all the names together for easy scanning.

    I also know I've misspelled a lot of names. The pens wouldn't work and some writing I couldn't read. Again, private message me and I will correct your name or HF name. I'd really like to have a correct list for posterity.

    I will post the group photo as soon as I get it! I'm soooo excited to see it!

    1 Russ - Jerzey Bear
    2 Peggy - Jerzey Bear
    3 2Questions - Tim Weaver
    4 ARTJRK
    5 Jake - son of ARTJRK
    6 Jordan - son of ARTJRK
    7 bundy71
    8 Harley Nemo - Kim
    9 Kim (Harley Nemo's better half)
    10 Two Tents & Ben - 65 mile NOBO Pre-Hike!
    11 George - Perrito
    12 Abi - daughter of Perrito
    13 Dan - Big Carl
    14 John - AIRSAFETY
    15 Jeremy - Humble Hammocker
    16 Erik - Liquid Plasma
    17 Rick Bush - MML - 65 mile NOBO Pre-hike - Great Time
    18 Jimmy - Ferret
    19 JayS
    20 Jimmy Pep - I got this name wrong, cant read signature
    21 Eric - Ishmael
    22 NikkiC
    23 Billy - Hercdiver
    24 Paul - Walks in The Darks
    25 Gabe - nephew of Walks in the Dark
    26 Lisa - Early Bird
    27 Bill - ProVagabond
    28 Dave Truitt - Tru
    29 Falcon Rider
    30 Diab - David
    31 Merry Mary
    32 Lazy River Road
    33 Mrs. LRR
    34 Oh-No
    35 Marti Hansell - Mph5
    36 Bruce Hansell
    37 Samel Gath, Esq.
    38 Misaki Coffman - FireFly
    39 Dewayne #2 Coffman - Maztrain
    40 Dewayne #1 - Biner
    41 John Coyle - Sitted Up
    42 Dale Horensky - Valley Bird
    43 Tom Brown - TZBrown
    44 David Elliott - WV
    45 Mike Saltis - BearChaser
    46 Jared Marcus - Cranky Bear
    47 Jullie Gilchrist- Adia
    48 Trixie
    49 BugBite
    50 Noah Huling
    51 Keith Huling - KManClutch
    52 Robert Moore - Medicine Man
    53 Poof
    54 Keith - Eagle Eye - Dutch Elf
    55 Craig S. Farrell - Siver Surfr
    56 Jerry Yarris - Panomad
    57 Kevin Geklinsky - Gexploits
    58 Lori Cushner
    59 Michael Mayrer -Frosty
    60 Morgan Maurer
    61 Mason Maurer
    62 Donna - SweetBabyD
    63 Corey Miller - Highlife
    64 Shelby Miller
    65 Jim (Pita) Payne - enyapjr
    66 Jim Wright
    67 Jason Wright
    68 Nathan Wright
    69 Alan Dixon
    70 Alison Simon
    71 Dan Innamorato - Fotoprobond
    72 Sam Todd
    73 Jack - Peter Pan
    74 Allissa - AB Harris
    75 Dutch
    76 The Dutchess
    77 PappaSmurf
    78 Tracy - Happy Camper
    79 Black Foot - Mike Bevil
    80 Tinkr - Dan Bevil
    81 Rook
    82 Geo
    83 DGrav
    84 Greg S. - Soundman
    85 JD
    86 CameraMan
    AT EASSSE!!!

    Another great MAHHA… Always a please to catch up with old friends and meet new ones…And wistfully wish those who could not make it this year all the best…

    Thanks to Happy Camper for making it all come together… The grill was a hugely smart addition…Thanks Dutch and Keith for the pancake breakfast and Greg for slinging the dogs and burgers.

    Again thanks to all who took part in the Hang Raffle… Your participation makes the financing commitments easy for those who fronted the funds for the shelter, the grill, the food and beverages and those who ran out to gather the last minute supplies necessary to take care of the huge turnout.

    Jack (Smee) and I want to thank all of the other vendors and individuals who contributed to the JRB Raffle … It really has become the MAHHA Raffle, (hoping I do not miss any Tree to Tree Trail Gear, Papa Smurf, ZQ, Dutch, Tato, ZPacks, Two Tents, Jesse, Lazy River Road, Blackfoot, Soundman, and whoever donated the UL dutch oven, Amsteel, ti pot, and alum pot cooks set.

    Special thanks too to our crew of young hammockers and ticket drawers Trixie, Bug Bite, and Noah.

    These Hang Raffle have enabled all of us to contribute to our community in what is becoming a very significant way… In a painless…fun filled way, we pay our bills and support our communities…. We hope that the hangs in other parts of the country will be supported by vendors in their part of the country and their hanging attendees …Trail organizations, Parks at all levels, and our on-line communities all need and deserve our support.

    This year after all supporters above were reimbursed for their out of pocket costs the raffle netted $ 1,495….In consult with Happy Camper and some of the other long term vendor supporters we have disbursed $500 via Happy Camper as a donation to our hosts at Gathland State Park…We are sending a donation of $500 to the ATC in the name of the MAHHA of HF for AT trail maintenance… Finally, as is our custom, we are supporting the forums of and with the remainder of $ 495.

    Until the Spring MAHHA….CARRY ON! :-)

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