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    SilvrSurfr is officially missing

    Well, this is a first in my life. I have now been officially reported to the police as a missing person. This is a milestone for me, a goal I've been trying to achieve for many years.

    I left my cell phone at the campfire Friday night at Fall MAHHA 2012. Jay S. powered it up, dialed my home phone number and left an innocuous message that Lisa (aka EarlyBird) would have the phone and it could be retrieved at the Saturday evening raffle.

    Somehow, my wife interpreted this message to say that I was missing. She called the local police in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey. They called the ranger station at Gathland State Park and reported me as missing.

    The ranger walks into the MAHHA campsite looking for me. PapaSmurf finds me and tells me that the ranger is looking for a SilvrSurfr from Monmouth Beach, NJ. I immediately know my wife is behind it - she loves to call the police. It's one of her passions in life.

    The ranger tells me to call my wife and the police, which I do. When I get down to my car, I find a charming note from the ranger.

    Mr. SilvrSurfr:

    When you return to your vehicle, please call Officer Peter Rechtmann of the Monmouth Beach Police Department. You have been reported missing by your wife. PS - call your wife too. Ranger J. McAllister, Maryland Park Service.

    How does my wife interpret lost cell phone as missing person? Some mysteries are too deep to unravel.
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