First, I've never hung on anything beyond the stock gt suspension. I've used the UL and now the pro.

Now, about the webbing. I've found 25yds of 1500# 1" webbing for very cheap. I'd like to cut this into tree straps but I'm concerned about loose. There are no sewn loops on the roll of webbing and I don't trust myself to sew them. Can I simply tie an overhand or figure 8 loop? That's what I would do with rope but I don't know how knots affect the rating of straps.

Second, I've been learning what I can about structural ridgeline and I'm a bit confused. It seems to me (and I've made little rope models to try and visualize it) that the angle of the ridgeline between where it connects to the hammock and the suspension is inevitably the same angle as the suspension/tree straps. In this case, would it be possible for me to use one long piece of webbing for a ridgeline and tree straps?

I hope some of this makes sense. I'm still very new at this and hardly know the vocabulary. Thanks.