Got a few hours to get out i the woods to play this weekend, slapped together a fast day kit, and headed for the local lake. In my haste, I did not eat Lunch. Bad idea, being Diabetic.

Hiked in to a nice spot to practice some skills, make a bow drill for fire, do some Tree ID, and other 'Crafty" stuff. In the meantime, my blood sugar was dropping quickly.

Made the bow drill, and was burning-in the hearth board socket, and I began to get pretty 'jiggy'. But I thought that I was just nervous to make a video, and plowed on. While making the video, I began to have word-finding problems, mis-identified some gear, and finally realized I was crashing fast.

Luckily, I had brought food (with sugar) with me, so I abandoned my Bushcraft tasks, and brought out the Emberlit and the Trangia to make some food and drink fast! Using the Trangia inside the Emberlit worked like a charm, as did a small section of gutter cover I cut as a grill top for the Emberlit - allowing me to use my military canteen cup on the stove.

LESSON LEARNED: If you have ANY type of medical condition that may affect you in the woods, be sure to prepare to deal with it, preferable before you leave for the wilds! This could have been very bad - I was crashing in a wooded area, by myself. Luckily, I recognized it when I could not identity a Firesteel (D'Oh!) and took immediate steps to correct it. Glad I had the forethought to bring real food with me, rather than having to forage. Always will from here on out!

Some pics: CLICK A PIC TO ENLARGE Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics. It is amazing I was able to even take them!

IMG_0159.jpg The Bow Drill set

IMG_0164.jpg The Emberlit and new grate out of the bag made for it by Donna at 2QzQ. Works great!

IMG_0172.jpg Sgt Major Ursa waiting patiently for the water to boil for tea, so his human handler can get right again.

IMG_0174.jpg The Emberlit/Trangia Combo - Awesome!

IMG_0176.jpg Food is served! In the nick of time, too. I was getting REAL out there by then! Tea and a Blueberry bar from TJs, GORP, too.

IMG_0179.jpg Swiped the silicone lipguard off my Snow Peak 600 to use on the canteen cup. Also worked wonders! Wish I could buy some!

IMG_0181.jpg The lake at sunset - just gorgeous.

IMG_0184.jpg Managed to feel better, hump back out - Yup! That's my vehicle all right! Still pretty shaky, obviously!

IMG_0187.jpg Back home alive after making such a Rookie mistake!

Remember, if you have ANY situation that can possibly happen in the woods, assume it will, and prepare to deal with it in advance! STAY SAFE out there!

~ SkyPainter