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    Telescoping Carbon Fiber Tubes

    I have purchased small lots of CF rods and tubes from these folks. They have low minimum order and prompt reasonable shipping IIRC. I've only used them once but will use them again.

    The notice about these tubes just came today, and I just had to share...

    The tubing I have needs some whipping on the ends for strength from in inside rod bending, but this is different perhaps. If all the fibers run the long way then only the binder holds them together. They would be stronger if radial or bias wraps were involved in the construction, so read carefully. But a little extra to test to know if you need to put a fishing pole wrap around the ends.

    I'm using mine to replace the tie-out side stakes on my HH Explorer, under the mosquito net. Keeps it out of my face don't you know!

    There, one free example of how handy this stuff can be!

    Have fun, and DIY responsibly!

    I just was stunned by the price... I'd bought 4 - 4' rods and a 2' tube shipped for about $50 last Spring. This material is a whole lot more finished and the price reflects that. Sorry, this is way more than I'd thought. Still, if every gram counts....!
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