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    Another Satisfied Customer

    Well, almost totally satisfied.

    I am sure that everyone is more than familiar with the sense of anticipation that comes from waiting for the postal carrier to deliver a batch of new gear. And last week was like Christmas come early -- there was some Dutch hardware on order, some Zing-It from Redden Marine and the crowning glory was to have been a Superfly and a beautiful Warbonnet Blackbird 1.1 DL in ... wait for it, BLACK! I even managed to sneak out of work to pick it up when the tracking info let me know that Canada Post had delivered the package and left it on the porch right out in the open.

    I was, however, a teeny bit bummed when I opened it up and saw that the Blackbird was more olive brown than black -- I guess the limited run was truly limited and I must have just missed out on my chosen colour. But then a friend was kind enough to point out that all the cool kids are hangin' in earth tones these days anyway, so no worries. And truth be told, I would have been more than happy to hang in this baby if it was in hot pink or fluorescent orange!! The difference between this and the Hennessy I upgraded from is -- well, let's just say I am loving the footbox.

    Brandon has truly put together something special for all of us and the craftsmanship is far beyond my expectations. Well made and very well designed -- no matter what the colour might happen to be.


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    I love mine also! I got mine 3 weeks ago and I was lucky to get it in black. I didn't even know it was gonna be black till it arrived! I was expecting the olive color. Have fun!

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    Congratulations, you've got yourself a great piece of kit there.
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