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I used to be anti-bug net in favor of the but net's weight in added down.
After seeing the Darien UL I may change my mind. It is so efficient in its
use of bug net material it may tip the favor in degrees to having it in place
for the shoulder seasons. Below 20F then the original argument holds that
I'd rather have the bugnet's weight in down-even if only 1 ounce.
You take the bugnet away on the Darien UL and I think you're left with a 6 to 7 ounce hammock. The hammock material appears to be the same used in the BIAS Weight Weenie Micro.

I can understand the attraction and popularity of integrated bugnets, but unnecessary weight is unnecessary weight when cold temps have sent the skeeters into irrelevance.

I also find the zipper on integrated bugnets to be incredibly annoying. I occasionally get a calf cramp and the pain is excruciating, so blinding that I can't even find the zipper. A bottom-entry independent bugnet certainly helps me get out of my hammock lickety-split in moments of panic. I just swing my legs out of the hammock and stand up.