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    Sewn in pocket for ccf pad.

    I just did an overnight on top of Springer on the AT (man was it windy that night) and I woke up around 3am with my pad hanging out of the hammock on the foot end. I have a WW ccf pad tapered with a diy SPE. Every time I've used it it tends to twist and slip out. I guess i toss and turn too much..

    I was wondering if I sewed a mesh pocket in my hammock for the bottom to slide into if it would compromise the hammock and possibly make it rip. the hammock is a DIY gathered end. Anyone done this before? I haven't seen this done in all my searching. My plan is to place the pad on a diagonal and out line the pad so I would know where to sew in the pocket.

    I did find this but its a full pocket and I don't have the material to do it this way..
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