man i used to to fill my ol exteral frame camp/trails ruck like jed clampet. lol propane, lantern, actual 2 burner stove. full mess kit & percolator. tent, cot , the whole nine. a cooler with ridiculous foods. machete knockdown bow and arrows, knockdown fishing kit. all kinda junk. it was too ridiculous to even write it all. easily 60-80lbs +
still rockin that old 80's camp trails. not ultralight by any means but ide say a weekender weight would be down around 25 lbs. seems respectable for the comfort i can create virtually anywhere on gods green earth at a moments notice. then pack it all up and move on to the next great adventure. as for me i am built for the trail. an athletic 6'1"195lbs. up 5lbs since i started dehydrating my own foods.... mmmmm my trail chili is off the hook and most certainly is a contributor alongside my upside down trail pizza... oh man.. i think im getin hungry