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    If you've got one of those Kelty Noah-type tarps, the most straightforward way is to hang it in the rectangular configuration, and stake it down not at the corners, but about a quarter of the way in from each end. Then take the corners, fold them inward and stake them down below your hammock suspension. From the side, it will look hexagonal, since the "doors" will appear to angle upward.

    You can do something similar with a hex tarp, but you have a lot less material to work with, so it's not usually as effective.
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    I normally carry a short tree strap that I use to hang my pack off of one of the trees, and throw a pack cover over it. anything inside the pack I will need goes on either the ridgeline or suspension. I tend to compartmentalize stuff into rolltop drybags, so it is easy to clip right on. As for changing, I drop the tarp sides pretty close to the hammock if they aren't already, climb in and change while laying in it. I also have a Clark NA with the weathershield that I will use if I know I am completely going to lack privacy. It may look funny with me bouncing around in it, but no one can see a thing!

    As a Scoutmaster, you may want to look at a bigger tarp and tarp doors, and spend some time on site selection to make sure you are positioned correctly and out of any thoroughfares!

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    Thanks Throdka! Will have to give that a try!

    Others: yes, I'm set up close to the boys, but outside of their area and yes, the area is roped off. For this outing, the trees handy and close to the boys happened to be RIGHT where the trailer was parked. And, we happened to get a big downpour, which meant that the 500 lbs of charcoal that had been unloaded by the fire pit earlier in the day got re-packed inside the trailer that evening to keep it from getting wet. So, when 5am rolled around, boys were going into the trailer to get the charcoal set up by the pit.

    @Ag: there is no flipping way I would have tried getting changed in this particular camps latrines. They were a bit downstream from the rest of camp and ended up with about an inch of mud inside!

    Good suggestion on the Tyvek...will be heading to Ace this weekend. Also good suggestion to dump the pillow. I really didn't need something that big and bulky, but was frankly too tired to toss it into the dry bag once I realized that I didn't need it. Another learning experience thanks to Scouting!

    Q: where do y'all hang your Scout shirt?


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    I just hang it over the footend of my ridgeline.

    You could always just fold it and put it back in your pack too.
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    Smokehouse makes a nice tarp with doors and a stove pipe hole in it with lots a room in side (to accommodate the stove). Might be to much for summer backpacking though. There are people who make good sized tarps with doors as another possibility. I like the roped off section idea as well.
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