So I need to make a hammock stand for the yard, and I see the TD stand and think it can be simpler (maybe...)

Here's my theory (keep in mind I'm not skinny and won't be transporting this thing), 6x's 6ft 4x4's, 2 gate hinges (with needed bolts) and either 2 bolt thru eye bolts or 2 short bolt thru rods, and some cord.

Make the tri's like normal, but put an eye bolt (to clip a binner to) or the bolt thru rod on the far upright. The rod would serve to keep webbing (either from the hammock suspension or a loop of webbing to clip the hammock to, similar to the eye bolt thing) from slipping down.

Now the hammock is freestanding and the force applied would be on the furthest 4x4 so...maybe?