So I already have a eno double and single nest and the whole bugnet and tarp deal. I like it, but I'm a side sleeper and i really like a flatter lay. Sure you can lay on an angle to get a flater lay, but overnight as I toss and turn a regular hammock seems to slowly shift my body back to center and in that "bow" shape

I actually like my current Eno setup, I put money into it to modify it exactly the way I like it with whoopie slings, a ridgeline and a gear hammock below, and my entire ENO setup is a few ounces lighter than a standard zip Hennessy asym expedition.

I'm willing to start over with a the standard hennessy expedition if the lay is significantly flatter. However if the difference in minor, I think I will keep the ENO setup, and maybe use the $150 on something else.

Can anyone who owns both a Hennessy Asym and an ENO help me out.