Yeah, my new WBBB double 1.7 arrived and I finally got to set it up! Oh how I wish I had it in time for MAHHA, but I learned a lot there that helped me today!!

As you can see, I was happy!
TRU Close.jpg

Brandon definitely made it easy to set up the WBBB. I appreciate the strap set up and how easy they are to use.

I set it up and was in it for 3 hours reading. I did get out of it a few times to try different styles/settings/hangs (all level, head higher, feet higher, etc...). I even fell asleep while reading, so I think that's a real good sign for my first hammock experience. Yeah, this is my first hammock experience that I can remember. I decided to enter the hammock world and I jumped in with both feet.

I may try to set it up again tomorrow with a few minor adjustments (I may even try to set up the tarp too) - and I can use a little advise.

The WBBB double 1.7 is able to handle my large size. It is suppose to handle up to 400 lbs, and while I'm not 400 lbs, I'm closer to that than I want to be. The straps are 1" wide and held up great. They didn't dig into the tree, but they did leave a little mark. I think a 175 lb. person could easily hang in it and not leave any marks on the tree, but that's not me (yet!!). Has anyone swapped out or used a 2-inch webbing as a tree hugger under their straps? Any thoughts on an inexpensive, quick solution?