Hey folks, well... mainly Florida folks... (non floridians are welcomed as well)
As many of you know, FL is conducting a pilot program to allow hammocking in the Florida State Parks. Currently it is illegal to hang or attach anything to a tree in the state park system. The limited impact of our hobby has already been discussed at length elsewhere, so no need to continue beating that dead horse, the intent of this thread isn't to further that discussion. However this thread is a call to action for hammocking in the Florida State Park System.

We are currently 'behind' on our quota for the pilot program and I suspect that if we don't show our support for the program we will inevitably loose all access to hang in the state park system for quite awhile (why would they invest the effort and expense to run another pilot if the first fails?).

The call to action is two fold:

1.) Simply get out and hang in the state parks (with proper permission-see below)!!!
2.) Become a Hang Organizer - the goal here would be to organize as MANY small hangs throughout the state at as many state parks as possible before the end of the pilot program.(April)

If you're already experienced at organizing hangs, step up to the plate and help us all out by putting together as many as you can. If you're not already experienced, I would offer that you still give it a shot. I'd also offer that you reach out to those who have had successful experience organizing hangs for some tips.

These hangs don't need to be anything grandeose or anything, it could literally be some sort of impromptu weekender or a single over-nighter. We just need to get warm bodies out in hammocks in the state parks...

But, here are some rules - eh... Guidelines, if you will...
* Make sure EVERYONE in a hammock has proper approvals, help them get it if necessary!
* Make sure everyone knows about the post-hang survey - and make sure they fill it out! (bring a computer/tablet if necessary to facilitate the completion of them)
* Hang with appropriate tree huggers for all equipment coming in contact with trees
* Have lots of safe fun, and make non-hammockers envious

Thanks again for the support!

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For the duration of the pilot program, hammock camping user groups will be advised to contact Mr. Philip Madden in the Division’s Bureau of Operation Services. He may be reached at 850 245-3076 or by email at Philip.J.Madden@dep.state.fl.us. Mr. Madden will serve as liaison between the users and park management of any park receiving hammock camping
{...} If you have used a hammock at a Florida State Park as part of the pilot program please take a moment to fill out this survey to let them know how it went.