I was in central China last week, visiting my wife and our friends. In the spirit of introducing hammocking to my friends and family over there, and thanks to the knowledge gained over the past year (mostly from this forum), I took:

- 1 90"x156" tablecloth hammock
- 3 60"x126" tablecloth hammocks

All with straps from AHE, self-made whoopies, a few spare self-made loops, a pair of carabiners each (finally found a way to recycle those carabiners that came with my DN!), and a length of paracord for miscellany.

They were a big hit (among those who dared to try them)! One of our friends runs a youth hostel there, and we set one up in her courtyard -- she may start loaning/renting them out to customers when spring rolls around too.

I found the people who tried them were just as likely to use them as chairs/sofas as they were beds.

The only black mark would have to be my "knotty mod" on the 90x156 hammock, which for some bone-headed reason I decided to tie off with dyneema tech line. It felt wrong right from the start, like it would easily slip loose (go figure), so I just tied a knot in each end of the hammock and called it a day.

So, many thanks to all you helpful souls on the forums over the year or so that I've been learning this stuff so far. Here are a few pictures:

My wife and our friend, in the youth hostel courtyard's 90x156 tablecloth hammock:

My wife, hanging in my ENO by the Yangtze river. I tried stringing close to the ground, so people would be less nervous about falling:

Fast asleep almost immediately! I could not convince her to take her shoes off, and she didn't give me time to adjust for a flatter lay before nodding off:

After a long bike ride that night, we strung two hammocks up and took a break: