For sale:

Dana Designs Astralplane pack, red, 7000 cubic inches men's large. This pack is the old style, American made when Dana was Dana and not under Marmot. These packs were never meant to by UL, but tough as nails and able to haul unbelievable loads in relative comfort (i.e. Alaskan winter climbing). I used this pack as an outdoor professional and can attest to its durability and versatility.

Top loader with huge lid that converts to a fanny pack with the waist belt, two big vertical front pockets and side and bottom access zippers into the main compartment. Strap on snowshoes, pickets, tents, pads you name it, this pack will carry anything you ask it to.

It's far from brand new and has seen many days out, however, it has many days left in it yet and is fully functional. I consider this a good buy if you are looking for a serious pack for winter tripping but can't take the plunge for a brand new one, seeing as how these were almost $500 new. I'm asking $125.00 shipped lower 48. Winter's coming folks!